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The Holistic Way
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The Path to Wellness

Why A Holistic Diet?

Did you know that your dog’s behavior, happiness, health, longevity and well being are intertwined with what you feed him? Your dog is receiving ideal nutrition if he displays vibrant energy, high exercise tolerance, clear sparkling eyes, lush shiny hair/coat, good appetite, no odor, no gas and clean breath.

Dogs just surviving on lower-quality foods can have excessive itching, lick their paws too much and have hot spots or eczema. These dogs can be difficult to train or aggressive with other animals. They can have large or very light-colored stools and a doggie body odor.

Dogs are carnivores. They need meat. Their cells need the correct nutrients to function properly, and the nutrients need to be in the correct proportion. Nutrients are the fuel, and the type of fuel you provide determines your dog’s physical, emotional and mental health.

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